Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Lucky by Chris Hill

Lucky isn't being very lucky at the moment.  He was carried away from home by a bird and fell into another breed of squirrel's territory.  They took him in but he's not as big as they are, has funny ears and is another color.  He's a runt to them.  But the lady who took him in loves him.  Now they want him to go through school to become part of the patrol.  He's not well-matched at this life but he does have some skills he will share with his friends.  If only he doesn't fail...

The Chicken House and Edelweiss gave me the opportunity to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be out today.

I like Lucky.  He's a determined squirrel who is loyal to his friends.  He's willing to risk his life to save another's life.  He's also willing to make friends with anyone, including dogs!

The dogs are one of my favorites in this tale.  There's a fox involved, too.  When the squirrels from another part of the park come to forcefully take over the area where Lucky now lives, they help Lucky and his group.  

There are politics, power plays, greed and more in this story.  Lucky has a hard time staying alive, but he manages to.  And one of friends he's made is a very important part of this story, too.

This is well told tale with some squirrel facts and friendships and love intertwined.  Do you want to go hang out in the trees with Lucky?  I wouldn't recommend jumping from branch to branch like he does.

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