Thursday, June 18, 2015

Drifter Volume 1: Out of the Night by Ivan Brandon

Science fiction in comic book form fascinates me.  I read comics every chance I had growing up.  There was an old man who ran the soda shop in Pe Ell, a small town in Washington State.  When I was newly married, we'd visit to have an ice cream float there.  He'd let us read the comics for free, we just had to keep them "as new" or we had to buy them.  I was in heaven at least once a month there, when the new issues came out.  The graphic novels now are a new breed and I'm enjoying their evolution.

Diamond Book Distributors and Net Galley allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published June 30th, so you'll be able to grab a copy soon.

Abram's rocket falls from the sky and almost drowns him in the water it landed in.  He manages to get out but encounters an alien on the way.  He fights the alien and wins but the human he encounters shoots him and leaves him for dead.  So his adventures begin.

I found the storyline a bit murky.  This is the beginning of this series but there are things alluded to from the past that you get no explanation about.  It's pretty easy to see that living on this planet in the middle of nowhere with only a few people and no hope of rescue could drive you insane.  But it's hard to tell who's crazy and who's just strange.  I also had a bit of a problem telling which character was which.  There was more than one black haired mustached guy in the story.  It might have just been me, but some distinctive garb or scar would make it easier for the reader.

Abram has a woman trying to keep him alive, he's attempting to learn how to live on this planet, the priest goes crazy, there are monsters about, and he has to work real hard on trying to stay alive.

The story is brief but busy.  It's intrigued me enough I would read more in this series to see how it all works out.  It's not a happy ever after story but it is one of survival.  I admire people who can cope with dramatic change.  That's everybody who is on this planet.

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