Sunday, April 20, 2008

Book Review: Black Wave - John & Jean Silverwood

I read my copy of the Advanced Reader's Edition last night, and it kept me glued to my chair! Their family relationships while at sea weren't all that unique, other sea voyagers have talked about the effect of it on families and life. But the way they took care of each other and survived despite the horrific trauma they were facing was truly inspiring and heart touching. I cried several times when they wrote about his leg being caught by the mast, the pain, the frustration of the family and the decision to finally leave the boat.

I did feel the book was a bit disjointed. One moment we're on the boat fighting for our lives, and the next chapter goes back to the point of getting ready for the trip. It jumped back and forth with no real definition between the past and the future. The chapter titles didn't differentiate either. And then, at the end, the husband talks about his story.

I think I would have melded it together in a slightly different way.

If your point was to keep people reading, that worked. But the flow felt wrong. And the story of their earlier experiences were interesting to read, too. It could have started the book, the disaster could have been discussed next, and then the husband's comments at the end would have been more appropriate.

All in all, it's a good book and I won't have any trouble recommending it to people. I'm just giving you my honest opinion.

This book will be on sale on 7-1-08. If you like gripping tales about survival, this one will do it for you!

Jo Ann Hakola, The Book Faerie

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