Sunday, May 19, 2024

Sparrow Spreads Her Wings by Gail Donovan

In this sequel to the “uplifting” (Publishers Weekly, starred review) Sparrow Being Sparrow, Sparrow rescues an injured animal but soon wonders if she’s taken on more than she can handle alone.A blizzard is coming, and Sparrow’s parents are leaving for the hospital to welcome Sparrow’s new baby brother, but all Sparrow can think about is investigating the strange thwack she heard coming from her bedroom window. When she goes outside, she finds an injured pigeon getting buried in the snow. She has to save it! Sparrow and her best friend, Paloma, bring the bird inside while the grown-ups are distracted, determined to nurse it back to health. But soon, Sparrow realizes that helping the bird recover—especially with curious kittens around the house—will be much harder than she thought. If she asks for help, will it mean letting go of her new animal friend?

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