Saturday, April 13, 2024

The Complete Lowe & Simpson Mysteries Book 1-6 by Roger Ormerod

IN THIS SIX-BOOK BOX SET: BOOK 1: HUNG IN THE BALANCE Philipa Lowe has returned to England for her husband’s funeral. The inquest rules his death a suicide, but Philipa doesn’t believe that for one minute. Meeting Inspector Oliver Simpson in a hotel bar, she finds she’s not the only one with doubts. When they find a corpse hanging in a basement, they realize they’ve been looking in the wrong places all along . . . And the number of bodies are about to pile up. BOOK 2: BURY HIM DARKLY Philipa boards the QE2 and befriends Roma Felucci, a glamorous actress with a failing marriage. At the docks, Roma is met by the police after a human skull is uncovered at her childhood home. Philipa and Oliver investigate, but the case takes a darker turn when they learn of unexplained disappearances among her close family. Now they will soon discover that no matter how much you run from the past, it is never that far away . . . BOOK 3: THIRD TIME FATAL Philipa and Oliver are attending the wedding of an old school friend. But the groom has a shady past. And unlike most weddings, this one ends with a corpse, found naked in the groom’s bed, while he seems to have vanished. It falls to Philipa and Oliver to pick up the pieces and uncover the truth . . . BOOK 4: A SHOT AT NOTHING Philipa is househunting, but finding the perfect home is never simple, especially when she hears a man was murdered there. Oliver was closely acquainted with his killer — the dead man’s wife, Clare Steadman — and was at the house on the night of the murder. He believes she is innocent. And now Clare claims someone else was there. But how could the killer have been in a locked room with them at the moment her husband died? BOOK 5: AND HOPE TO DIE Philipa and Oliver are asked to investigate a death at an old country house. Ruled a suicide, the bankrupt family have been forced to sell Mallington Hall and its contents to the highest bidder. But if they can prove it was murder, the insurance company will pay out and save them from financial ruin. As Philipa delves deeper into the family’s dark past, the case grows deadlier by the hour. BOOK 6: LANDSCAPE WITH CORPSE Visiting a remote college for painting classes, Philipa and Oliver are met by slashed artwork and petty rivalries. Then two of their fellow students are murdered on the same day, a mile apart but with the same weapon . . . But how can a killer be in two places at once? MEET THE DETECTIVES Philipa Lowe takes after her father — a well-respected and incredibly stubborn retired superintendent. She is determined to find the truth no matter the cost. Investigating is in her blood, so how hard can it be? Oliver Simpson is an Inspector in charge of the CID in a small town. Always one to don a tweed hat and to work by the book when on a case, he never puts a foot out of place.

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