Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Return To Lan Darr by Anderson Atlas

Allan has a dream about Lan Darr that seems way too real.  He decides he needs to return because he thinks they need his help.  All he has to do is find the flower that will take him through the portal...

Synesthesia Books shared a copy of this book with me for review (thank you).  It has been published and you can grab a copy now.

He spends a lot of time on the mountain with his Uncle and his girlfriend.  The problem is that the flowers are in limited supply and not easily found.  When he does acquire them and heads off to Lan Darr, he ends up on the wrong planet first.

If he doesn't want to wait for months, he has to go to another planet to get the flower pollen to get where he wants.  He doesn't realize that the world he's visiting plans to trap him and keep him as a slave.  When he figures it out, it's a challenge to escape!

In the meantime, the monster he thought was sent far, far away has returned and he's on earth looking for him.  He doesn't get him but he gets his Uncle.  And the madwoman who started all the problems has captured his girlfriend and her mother.  Everyone is in trouble.

This author has a way of making absolutely incredible beings seem normal.  They are just another character in the story and you feel sorry for them or angry with them just like any other.  I found it hard to worry about the bad guy in this story but it's a tale well told with lots of tension and challenges for Allan and his Uncle.  At least now no one will believe he was making the stuff up anymore. 

This was another exciting adventure in other worlds with Allan and his various friends.  I enjoyed the read and think you will, too, if you like fantasy.

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