Friday, January 23, 2015

The Last Dragon Charmer #1: Villain Keeper by Laurie McKay

Caden has been waiting his turn to go on a dragon quest.  That's how you prove your maturity and your worth so you can be a palidan.  All his brothers have done that; he's next in line.  But why would his father send him out in the middle of the night?  All his other brothers left in the daytime with cheering crowds.  He's sent to sneak out.  What's going on?

HarperCollins and Edelweiss gave me the opportunity to read this book (thank you).  It goes on sale February 3rd, so grab a copy then.

When Caden finds his dragon, he's charging him on his horse when he and his horse fall through a magic hole and find themselves in the modern world.  It's a good thing that Caden has grown up as a prince because he has good manners, knows when to hold his tongue, and he has self-belief.  The problem with that is when he explains what he was doing (a dragon quest) and tells them his father is the king, they decide he's crazy.

Luckily the cop takes him to a foster home instead of putting him in a mental unit.  There Caden makes a present day friend.  He also finds he must go to school.  Unfortunately, the school is a haven for all the evil people ejected from his world.  Caden's life just got worse:  His math teacher is his biggest enemy...

This is a busy story with a lot action and interesting characters.  I enjoyed this first book of the series and will be watching for more.  This story is just getting started.

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