Monday, February 17, 2014

The Tinker King by Tiffany Trent

The Grue has been defeated but the dark Elementals haven't given up...

Simon & Schuster's Books for Young Readers and Edelweiss allowed me to download a copy of this ebook to read for review.  It has been published, so check with your local bookstore for a copy.

Vespa, Syrus, and Bayne are happy that Empress Olivia believes in peace for both humans and Elementals.  They are a bit concerned that she doesn't seem to believe there is still danger remaining.  She believes only in peace and won't return to troops and warlike endeavors.  She wants a world without that.  Which means when they are attacked by the dark Elementals, they have to run.

This is a bit steampunk, a bit paranormal, and a bit magic mixed with war.  The story is exciting and entertaining.  Ms. Trent keeps the pace of the story moving right along and there are surprises all along the way.  The monsters are scary and you can tell there is a subplot to this story but you don't know why until the end.  No one is exactly what they seem, the bad have some good, the good have some bad, and there could be more to this story.  It will be interesting to see where the author goes from here.

It's written for ages 12 and up, but don't give it to a young one who gets nightmares.  The monsters in this book are ugly and deadly!

Are you ready for a good adventure that might scare you a bit?  Dig in!

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