Monday, December 21, 2009

The Red Scarf by Anne Villeneuve

This is another delightful picture book published by Tundra Books. It will be out in February, 2010, is 40 pages long and is for ages 5-7.

It was originally published in French, and the artwork shows that influence.

There are almost no words in this book, but the story is very vivid and exciting and you'll be so taken with the illustrations you won't notice it.

A taxi driver in a yellow cab gives a passenger a ride and then finds a red scarf left in the back. The rest of the tale is all about how he tries to return it, how many places he goes, and what happens to him there is what makes you smile.

Since it is almost wordless, you can encourage your child to add more to the story and learn to use her or his imagination. Let them write their own story!

This book would make a very nice gift for a young one.

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