Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas is near...

Got an email from a potential customer yesterday. Wanted to know if I would dropship a book to a US address for Christmas. He had previously ordered the book from someone else and it got lost in the mail and it was too close to Christmas to have it sent to the UK and back again. (Yeah, that's a fact!) Then he asked if I would wrap in Christmas wrap.

I told him I would wrap the book (good thing I didn't give ALL my Christmas wrap - I thought about it when cleaning) and then I discussed mailing options.

Priority mail should only take two days, but at Christmas time - with the volume of mail - who knows? Express mail is more money, but is "guaranteed" delivery. He elected to pay the $20 for Express Mail. So I have wrapped the book, put in a plastic bag, and have the postage printed and ready to go.

Tomorrow I'll go to the PO and get an Express Flat Rate envelope and mail it. I do have some other packages, so they'll go out then, too.

I can understand this case, he had ordered earlier and the book never arrived.

But I had one a couple of years ago that wanted it delivered by Christmas and it was a set of books. That one cost him $75 for postage! He also paid it.

Plan ahead, folks, plan ahead! No need to kill your pocketbook because you procrastinated on shopping. Hide it (in a brown paper back or box) in the back of your closet or the garage or the utility room. Your nerves will better if you start earlier...

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