Friday, May 23, 2008

Sigh, I have to get a new printer...

I've been using a Canon i860 for years, and it's been a real workhorse for me. However, it's beginning to croak - making the sounds of gears not working right and getting ready to pass on...

I hate that. I like nice simple things, and trying to find a plain old printer is quite a chore nowadays. They have all-in-ones, laser and inkjet (I do like to print in color once in a while), and I just want a simple to use, no big deal printer.

I finally found the model I wanted to buy. No one carries it locally. No one knows how much longer my cripple will last before it does its last gasp. I'm stressed.

So I start doing price checks on the internet. Good ole Amazon has it - and can ship it in one day. They sure can - for $75!!!!! Gasp!

That was when I started making phone calls and found out I can't find it locally.

So then I looked for the particular model on the net. I found it on Dell. I lose a day while they deal with order, but it's technically cheaper than the Amazon offer (just have to send in the rebate request instead of getting it automatically), and they will do one day delivery for $24.

How long do you have to think about cheaper and $24 versus $75 for delivery? Didn't take me long.

Now I just have to hope the cripple will plug along until the new one comes in.

Another stresser for me was that I had purchased enough ink to carry me through the new year - and now the printer is sick. But I bought it from Staples (free delivery for over $50 orders). And their policy is that you can return any office supply for refund, no time limit! Now I have printed out my receipts, and I'll be visiting them after my new printer gets here. To give back the old ink type, get some new, and maybe even get some money back. I like Staples!

So, maybe next Wednesday I'll have my new workhorse for my business.

I should note that the Canon printer I originally purchased was "reconditioned" and worked like a champ for 8 years. Way past what most people would consider a reasonable life for something I paid $100 for.

I have also ordered another Canon printer. Why not?

And you can bet I'll be ordering more supplies from Staples, too.

Just like I hope my customers will order more books from me because I make customer service one of my priorities.

To me, customer service or quality products are the only things that you make you stand out in the internet world!

Jo Ann Hakola, The Book Faerie,

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